Kain Lawyers Centre for Business Growth Legal Hotline Terms and Conditions

Centre for Business Growth – Legal Hotline

Terms and Conditions


  1. Use of the Legal Hotline (as defined below) indicates the agreement by the person placing the call (‘Caller’), for themselves and on behalf of the organisation that employs or contracts them (‘Participant’), to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. Kain Lawyers will make available a facility (whether or not through a dedicated telephone number) (‘Legal Hotline’), for participants in courses run by the Centre for Business Growth, to telephone Kain Lawyers to obtain an initial assessment and advice on legal issues impacting on the Participant’s business.
  3. The Legal Hotline will be available to Callers in the financial year in which they have participated in a course run by the Centre for Business Growth. Kain Lawyers has absolute discretion to set the maximum time of any call dealt with through the Legal Hotline and to refuse to engage with any person through the Legal Hotline.
  4. Kain Lawyers will not charge Callers or Participants for using the Legal Hotline or for the advice provided during any such call.
  5. The use of the Legal Hotline is not intended to be a replacement for the requirement to engage a lawyer to provide formal written legal advice or the preparation of any documents. Any requirement for written advice or the preparation of documents by Kain Lawyers will be subject to an agreement between Kain Lawyers and the Participant or Caller for a specific engagement, documented in writing by Kain Lawyers.
  6. The provision of advice during a call is not intended to and does not create a relationship of solicitor and client between Kain Lawyers and any person. Kain Lawyers (and each of its employees) is released by Callers and Participants from all professional duties, obligations and claims that may otherwise arise, but for these terms and conditions, as a result of the provision of the Legal Hotline and any advice provided to a Caller.
  7. Unless otherwise agreed by Kain Lawyers, Kain Lawyers will not owe any obligation of confidentiality to Callers or Participants in respect of information obtained by Kain Lawyers during the conduct of any call through the Legal Hotline.
  8. If, during the course of any call through the Legal Hotline Kain Lawyers identify any legal conflict of interest as a result of Kain Lawyers professional duties to its existing clients, Kain Lawyers will notify you of such fact.
  9. Any personal information that we receive from you will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy as it applies from time to time. A copy is available on our website.