CFO Symposium 2017 Offers

Defining your legal relationship cover

We hope you enjoyed this year’s NSW CFO Symposium. Kain Lawyers exists to create opportunities for our clients, our team and the community. For our clients we create opportunities by providing certainty through delivering our clients’ agreed commercial objectives, on time and on budget, without getting in the way of their business.

Gerry Cawson‘s Keynote presentation at the 2017 NSW CFO Symposium provided three key concepts to gain better value from your legal team. You can now download the fact sheet in relation to Gerry’s presentation.

Along with these three tips we are giving you the chance to create opportunities for more efficient working practices for your team and your external teams through the use of the technology mentioned by Gerry in his presentation. When you download the Defining Your Legal Relationship fact sheet you will find the NSW CFO Symposium Special Offers from Lawcadia and Docyard.

Should you have any questions about how we can create opportunities for you, or queries about Docyard or Lawcadia please contact us.