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A day in the life of a Kain Lawyers summer clerk

In the second of our video series, our three summer clerks Ben, Sara and Georgina share a day in the life of a summer clerk at Kain Lawyers. At Kain Lawyers we select candidates who have the skills and cultural alignment to become long-term members of our team and help us achieve our strategic objectives. It’s… Read more

Kain Lawyers Summer Clerks give their first impressions of the business

In the first of our video series, our three summer clerks Ben, Sara and Georgina give their impressions of Kain Lawyers and talk about their expectations and outcomes from joining the program. At Kain Lawyers we select candidates who have the skills and cultural alignment to become long-term members of our team and help us achieve our… Read more

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

That’s what my Grandmother told me. (Perhaps she should have spoken at the Association of Corporate Counsel national conference sponsored by Kain Lawyers.) It has been clear to me for some time that clients of private practice law firms are looking for more value. Perhaps you are one of them. For many, this translates to greater certainties… Read more

How to avoid insolvency

There is no doubt that times are tough in a number of industries, particularly the construction industry as the recent high-profile demise of Tagara Builders demonstrates.  As a company director, one needs to be very vigilant in the management of the business and to be alert to any signs of financial trouble, not only for… Read more

South Australia to abolish stamp duties (well at least some!)

In a welcome move for business, South Australia’s 2015-2016 State Budget promises to remove many of the stamp duties that currently apply in relation to a broad range of transactions. The changes will be spread out over three years, with some occurring immediately. As of 18 June 2015, the State Government will abolish: stamp duty… Read more

Is a back door listing an easier way to list on the ASX?

Many companies aspire to be listed on ASX.  An initial public offering (‘IPO’) and ASX listing retains a prestige and mystique in the business community that says “we’ve made it”! To do so, a company must (among other things) comply with the admission requirements of ASX (‘admission requirements’). However, as with many things prestigious, there’s… Read more

Can software used for medical purposes be regulated by the TGA?

Speaking at a recent Flinders University Medical Device Partnering Program (‘MDPP’) event, head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (‘TGA’) John Skerritt gave an insight into the TGA’s view of the rapidly developing area of ‘software as a medical device’. The TGA regulates therapeutic goods in Australia including prescription medicines, vaccines, sunscreens, vitamins and minerals, medical… Read more

Construction contractors unaware of payment rights

The process of adjudication has been operational in South Australia for some four years now and is slowly gaining traction in the commercial construction market. However, a number of contractors and sub-contractors remain unaware of the extensive rights given to them by the Act, and a number of principals remain unaware of the implications if… Read more

Competitiveness and confusion in the agribusiness sector

Is Australia’s current policy approach to foreign investment: 1)      opening Australia for business with the international community; or 2)      keeping Australian rural assets out of the hands of the international community? The answer, confusingly, is both. The government has signed historic free trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea, our neighbours in the region which… Read more