Kain Lawyers is delighted to be part of the AULSS Uniform Clerkship Scheme for 2023.

Our Clerks gain exposure to our key practice areas through mentoring from our senior team working on real-world transactions. This exposure and hands-on experience helps accelerate development and understanding of corporate law and M&A and places our Clerks ahead of the pack, helping them start their career with confidence.

At Kain Lawyers, we know everyone is unique and brings different skills and perspectives to our team and we are proud of the culture we have developed. We excitedly welcome all newcomers with similar cultural alignment and look forward to working with the next generation.


Key Dates for Clerkship Scheme 2023:

Clerkship Period: Monday 20 November – Thursday 21 December

Hear from our Clerks

“I started as a Clerk at Kain Lawyers in November 2022 and have continued full time as a Graduate Clerk in 2023. Throughout my Clerkship I had the opportunity to work alongside a number of Directors and Lawyers getting to help out on all aspects of various transactions. From day one I was able to get involved on deals including attending client meetings and helping draft a range of transaction documents. I have enjoyed working in a firm that actively prioritises creating a supportive environment, with people of all levels always willing to help and answer questions. I also had fun visiting the Sydney office where we got to network and meet clients as well as have dinners with the Sydney team and go for an early morning Bondi to Brontee coastal walk.”

Gemma Kerin, Graduate Clerk


“My experience at Kain Lawyers has been truly invaluable. I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating directly with state-of-the-art lawyers who possess extensive knowledge, experience, and networks about corporate transactions. The absence of a siloed system at Kain Lawyers allows graduates like myself to gain exposure to a wide range of areas within corporate transactions. One aspect that stands out to me about working in corporate transactions at Kain Lawyers is the chance to make a substantial difference in our clients’ lives by providing them with the best possible outcomes in their deals, thanks to our strong commercial acumen.”

Emily Stollznow, Lawyer


“My 2023 Clerkship with Kain Lawyers was extremely rewarding. From day one, the team was very warm and welcoming, assisting me to make the most of my Clerkship. The team took the time to explain how the firm works and provided invaluable training sessions led by the firm’s technical leads in each practice area, empowering me to be informed, prepared, and challenged. I was exposed to a variety of meaningful and technical tasks including research, drafting documents and in-depth interactions with clients. The team is exceptional at providing context to tasks and feedback, giving you the tools to succeed and develop your practical legal skills. The support and collegiality throughout the Clerkship and its social aspect makes you feel like part of the team.”

Rocco Ierace, Law Clerk


“As a Clerk at Kain Lawyers, I engage in challenging and rewarding work among an exceedingly friendly and experienced team. I started my Kain journey with the summer Clerkship in February 2023. Now in the final year of my studies, with great enthusiasm I remain at Kain as an ongoing Clerk. The Kain team is by no means hesitant to get you involved in client meetings, mediations or conferences, so you are exposed to what being a practitioner truly entails, rather than just sifting through papers. Teams are not rigid in the way that they might be at other firms, such that you are able to explore different areas of practice – private and public M&A, disputes and debt capital markets, among others. The workplace culture of Kain is truly unmatched. You always feel that everyone is there for you and are comfortable to ask anyone for work that they could get you involved in. Additionally, there are a number of social events that you can attend during the Clerkship, such as the Quiz Night and Christmas Party. They are excellent opportunities to get to know everyone and have great fun! Clerking at Kain is an invaluable experience and a great progression in my legal career. Applying for a Clerkship at Kain is well worth it and I highly recommend that you do so.”

Michail Ivanov, Law Clerk


“Kain Lawyers places a strong emphasis on the growth and development of its Clerks and junior Lawyers, generating valuable opportunities for both professional and personal development. During my time as a Clerk and now as an Associate at the firm, I have had access to a comprehensive training program specifically designed for junior Lawyers, which covers all aspects of M&A. This tailored program has been instrumental in equipping me with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin developing my expertise and personal brand. Kain Lawyers attracts and wins top-tier work from sophisticated clients. There is a strong focus on providing junior Lawyers with an opportunity to work across all aspects of these files from the start of their career. This focus has led to constant exposure to complex legal and commercial problems, broadening my skill set and sharpening my analytical skills. I highly recommend the Kain Lawyers Clerkship program to anyone seeking a rewarding and transformative experience at the beginning of their legal career.”

Taylor Moore, Associate