The Community

Compared to the overwhelming majority of the world’s population (and many parts of Australia’s population), our business and our team members occupy a position of rare privilege: materially, socially and in many other respects.

With this privilege comes responsibility – the responsibility to use our good fortune to help those less fortunate.

To discharge this responsibility, Kain Lawyers established its own Foundation in 2005 – the Kain Foundation and to this day continues to work with the Foundation  to make a meaningful and lasting difference to those less fortunate in our community.

Our team members and our business contribute to our community in two ways:

  • Firstly every year, each team member works ‘hands on’ on a project aimed at providing economic and educational opportunities to disadvantaged children and youth
  • Secondly by each team member making a fortnightly financial contribution to our Foundation and our business matching that contribution dollar for dollar.