Attracting and retaining quality young lawyers is a key driver of the success of our business. For this reason we invest significant time upfront, identifying, employing and nurturing candidates who have the skills and the cultural alignment to become long-term members of our team.  We offer both summer and graduate clerkships.

If you’re in your penultimate year of study or about to graduate, consider applying for a place in our summer clerkship program. The four-week program will run in November/December 2020.  It will provide you with a taste of what it’s like to work in an exciting and progressive legal business, regularly ranked as one of South Australia’s top three corporate law firms.

A lot of our clerks will continue on with us to work part-time in their final year of study and for graduates, many will start full-time positions with us following their clerkship.

Our part-time and full-time offerings are structured around your University or GDLP commitments. As part of our part-time and full-time clerkship program you will rotate through our Commercial, Disputes and Corporate teams and complete our specialised M&A training program.

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