Year: 2017

Related Party Benefits –could you be involved in a breach of the Act?

Gerry Cawson and Mark Ferraretto consider how to avoid being involved in an improper transaction. The Corporations Act regulates how public companies deal with entities related to them, including their directors and those directors’ families.  But these related party provisions extend beyond public companies.  Anyone ‘involved’ in a ‘related party transaction’ can fall foul of… Read more

New Crowd Sourced Equity Funding (why things may get confusing)

On 29 September 2017 new crowd sourced equity funding legislation will come into force.  This will allow public companies to utilise crowd sourced equity funding.  Although the ink isn’t even dry, the Government has already announced that it proposes to change the legislation to open up crowd sourced equity funding to proprietary companies. While this… Read more

Finding calm amongst the storm: Commercialisation in biotech

Just like a ship trying to navigate stormy waters, the biotechnology environment can be dangerous! Biotechs looking to commercialise their ideas need to be able to respond to a rapidly changing environment that is influenced by globalisation, increased market competition, financial pressures and the advancement of new technologies. What do you need to do to… Read more

Adelaide Advertiser – Give Your Job An Energy Boost

Kain Lawyers exists to create opportunities for our clients, our team and the community. As Laura Ahwan discovers, professional development at Kain is often created through personal development. Click here to read the full article as it appeared in the Adelaide Advertiser on 13 May 2017.

Corporate Structure for Startups Seminar

Brought to you by the Innovation and Collaboration Centre (ICC) featuring Kain Corporate Director Gerry Cawson, this seminar will take you through various business structures and how they may benefit or inhibit your start up. Noelle Smit, Teamgage co-founder, will also be sharing her experience with corporate structure and their challenges and learnings to date.… Read more

Kain Advises Light Warrior

Kain Lawyers Director James Burchnall and Associate Director Brian Vuong have advised the Light Warrior Group in their $10M fundraising round for Melbourne genetics company myDNA. Click here to read the full article as it appeared in the Australian Financial Review on 27 April 2017.

Why dispute resolution clauses are the unsung hero of your deal

When making deals the commercial focus is directed to the nature of the transaction and how it works mechanically. Frankly speaking, ‘peripheral’ terms such as dispute resolution clauses are an afterthought. More often than not a standard clause for dispute resolution is used without much consideration. Unfortunately, this can mean that if a dispute arises,… Read more

5 Key Ways to Build Value in a Joint Venture

Various studies over the years have identified that businesses enter into joint ventures for three key reasons; to pool resources, establish new markets or as an alternative to a more formal merger or acquisition. Unfortunately, the data from these studies suggests that almost half of the joint ventures that are entered into fail to add… Read more

Doyle’s Guide Listing for Mark Henderson

Director Mark Henderson has been named in Doyles Guide’s 2017 Leading Property & Real Estate Lawyers list. The Doyles Property and Real Estate list released today reflects the findings of comprehensive and independent peer-based surveys, along with extensive telephone and face-to-face interviews the Guide conducted among clients, peers and numerous relevant industry bodies. Mark’s recommendation in… Read more