Month: September 2016

Reflecting on an incredible experience

It has been almost 3 weeks since I returned to Michigan from Adelaide, Australia. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the experience that came and went so quickly. I had spent months counting down the days to the arriving in Australia and it is hard to believe that is has come and… Read more

The Weekend Australian: Growing through giving

The Weekend Australian’s Verity Edwards sat down with John Kain and the most recent Kain Lawyers Uganda contigent of Gerry Cawson, Liz Byron-Scott and Jodie Slaughter to talk about the opportunities that Kain Lawyers creates for the community and its own team through philanthropic work. Article: Growing through giving Published by: The Weekend Australian Weekend Professional Published… Read more

How to resolve your dispute in the information age.

The 21st century is the information age; Moore’s Law observes that every two years the processing speeds of computers double. This exponential evolution opens doors for new players and puts pressure on established operators to adapt or die. Litigation and dispute resolution may conjure up images of old fashioned leather-bound books and men in wigs, but… Read more