Month: April 2016

No sacred cows at the ACCC

Hot on the heels of his inaugural appointment as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s agricultural commissioner, Mick Keogh has announced a cattle and beef market study (‘Study’). The appointment of the agricultural commissioner and the Study signal that the agriculture sector, long left to its own devices, can expect increased attention. The purpose of… Read more

Let’s see South Australia as others do

When I pick up the paper or tune into the radio or television these days, I’m disappointed by the general gloom that seems to pervade reporting on our South Australian economy. I’m disappointed because from where I sit as a lawyer in the mergers and acquisitions space, the message is very positive. So positive, in fact,… Read more

Small wineries aren’t toasting the new wine tax reforms

Everyone is in furious agreement of the need for immediate reform of the current system of wine taxation and rebates but it seems that nobody can agree on the nature of that reform. The Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee of the Senate (‘Committee’) recently recommended that the Wine Equalisation Tax (‘WET’) rebate… Read more

In the News: Australian Grape & Wine Industry Report

In 2015 the Federal Government responded to consistent calls by stakeholders in the grape and wine industry for the government to investigate how to make the industry more profitable. The Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport (‘the Committee’) was charged with the investigation and on 12 February 2016 the Committee released… Read more

Australian wine labelling: Here comes the woodcutter…

After comparing retailers making and selling wine with labels that appear to come from a small winery to a wolf in Grandma’s clothing in a previous blog, it appears that the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee (‘Committee’), the Senate Committee that produced the recent Australian grape and wine industry report, has concluded… Read more