Month: September 2015

Red herrings and blueberries: Do the changes to country of origin labelling tell us what we want to know?

The Government has announced new ‘country of origin’ labelling standards, which it has estimated will cost around $37 million to implement. The new standards have been developed following significant public concern over food safety arising from the well-publicised hepatitis-A contamination of imported frozen berries. In this post we explore the new standards and whether they… Read more

Deal announcement: Kain C+C Lawyers advises SeaLink Travel Group on $125m acquisition and capital raising of up to $56.9m

Adelaide legal company Kain C+C has advised South Australian-based SeaLink Travel Group Ltd (ASX:SLK) on its recently announced $125 million acquisition of Queensland’s Transit Systems Marine, as well as a capital raising of up to $56.9 million by way of placement and SPP. The acquisition will add further passenger and commercial ferry routes in Moreton… Read more

The Uganda project – an update from Kain Foundation

Uganda is bursting with a beauty summoned by its people, nature and culture. Despite war and hardship, Uganda’s people replicate its climate – always warm with the promise of sunshine. When you meet a Ugandan you will no doubt be welcomed and thanked profusely for your presence. Such is the way of people who make… Read more