MSU Law student unlocks innovation at Adelaide law firm

Since arriving in Adelaide in late July, Michigan State University law student Daniel Elliott has wasted no time in his mission to help unlock innovation at Kain C+C Lawyers.

In what is believed to be a first in the Australian legal industry, Daniel was selected for a one month internship at Kain through a virtual interview process from candidates at MSU Law – arguably the home of one of the world’s most progressive law schools.

During his secondment to the prestigious Adelaide legal consulting company, Daniel is leading a business improvement project trialing the use of “digital decision trees”. The digital decision trees are expected to allow Kain to more accurately and consistently predict the outcome of various contingencies during the course of a matter, and consequently the overall outcome of a matter.

This method provides data-based insights which supplement conventional legal advice and knowledge already present at Kain.

“Our mantra is to consistently deliver pre-agreed commercial outcomes, on time, on budget and with minimum disruption to our clients,” said John Kain the Managing Director of Kain C+C.

“Should the trial of the digital decision trees be successful, we will implement it more broadly to allow us to better plan legal projects and communicate more succinctly with our clients.

“We hope that this will help achieve our objective of delivering greater certainty to our clients – as to outcome, timing and cost – and reduce the impact of legal projects on our clients’ businesses.”

Daniel is the inaugural Kain C+C Innovation Intern and already the company is seeing tangible benefits from his project work.

“In addition to helping us improve our business and in turn our client outcomes, at the same time Daniel is gaining valuable exposure to a wealth of knowledge and experience in our company.

“He is also helping to expand our team’s perspective of what is happening elsewhere in the world and consequently what is possible here in Australia.

“This is a crucial role of the internship – to embed in our business the commitment and perspective to constantly improve what we do so that, in turn, we can constantly improve the commercial outcomes for our clients.”

Daniel believes his time at Kain will provide him with a unique opportunity to apply theoretical learning from MSU’s global leading LegalRnD program and expand his career options on his return to Michigan. In a tight US market for legal graduates, this experience may prove invaluable when Dan graduates.

“My personal objective is to learn from a top-notch corporate law firm and gain experience which directly applies to my dual degree track in the legal services arena.

“At the same time I feel I’m contributing to the innovation process occurring at Kain C+C,” he said.

Before returning to Michigan, Daniel hopes to travel and see more of the country.

“Australia is absolutely amazing,” he said.

“The natural beauty of this country coupled with the upbeat personality of everyone I have met has made for a truly great experience even in the short time I have been here.”

The annual Innovation Internship is an initiative of Kain C+C Lawyers and was developed in conjunction with Professor Daniel W. Linna Jr., Director of LegalRnD at MSU Law.

Kain C+C Lawyers is an innovative legal consulting company working with dynamic businesses. It specialises in complex transactions, disputes and advice with a particular focus on the health & medical; property, construction & infrastructure; and food & agribusiness industries.

Both the business and its lawyers are frequently recognised for their expertise by national and international rankings including the AFR’s Best Lawyers, Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession and Lawyer Monthly.