Month: May 2015

Construction contractors unaware of payment rights

The process of adjudication has been operational in South Australia for some four years now and is slowly gaining traction in the commercial construction market. However, a number of contractors and sub-contractors remain unaware of the extensive rights given to them by the Act, and a number of principals remain unaware of the implications if… Read more

Competitiveness and confusion in the agribusiness sector

Is Australia’s current policy approach to foreign investment: 1)      opening Australia for business with the international community; or 2)      keeping Australian rural assets out of the hands of the international community? The answer, confusingly, is both. The government has signed historic free trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea, our neighbours in the region which… Read more

Twiggy’s iron ore production capping comments attract ACCC ire

As a recent guest speaker at an Austcham dinner in Shanghai  Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest outlined his solution to the current low iron ore price which is having a substantial negative impact on his company’s profitability.  Among other comments, Mr Forrest suggested that ‘I’m absolutely happy to cap my production right now. All of us should cap… Read more