Year: 2015

Kain Lawyers helps Cytomatrix secure significant IP licensing deal

Kain Lawyers has helped Melbourne stem cell therapeutics company, Cytomatrix Limited, on its development of a $100m US-based business to progress cancer treatments using umbilical cord blood stem cells. It was one of this year’s biggest research and IP licensing deals in Australia. Corporate law specialists Gerry Cawson and James Burchnall developed a transaction structure… Read more

A day in the life of a Kain Lawyers summer clerk

In the second of our video series, our three summer clerks Ben, Sara and Georgina share a day in the life of a summer clerk at Kain Lawyers. At Kain Lawyers we select candidates who have the skills and cultural alignment to become long-term members of our team and help us achieve our strategic objectives. It’s… Read more

Kain Lawyers Summer Clerks give their first impressions of the business

In the first of our video series, our three summer clerks Ben, Sara and Georgina give their impressions of Kain Lawyers and talk about their expectations and outcomes from joining the program. At Kain Lawyers we select candidates who have the skills and cultural alignment to become long-term members of our team and help us achieve our… Read more

Can ASX-listed biotech companies balance their continuous disclosure obligations with international scientific best practice in reporting?

ASX-listed biotech companies are required to disclose material information without delay in order to comply with the ASX’s continuous disclosure rules. They also operate in an industry where reputations can be destroyed through the premature release of scientific information that has not been appropriately stress-tested. In this article we consider whether it is possible to… Read more

The boutique label…the grandmother of all deceptions.

I always wondered why Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t tell the difference between her real grandmother and a wolf dressed up as her grandmother. (Her grandmother must have been a very strange woman with large ears and disturbingly pointed teeth.) Are Australian consumers like Little Red Riding Hood, unable to see the big retailer in… Read more

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

That’s what my Grandmother told me. (Perhaps she should have spoken at the Association of Corporate Counsel national conference sponsored by Kain Lawyers.) It has been clear to me for some time that clients of private practice law firms are looking for more value. Perhaps you are one of them. For many, this translates to greater certainties… Read more

The Nationals initiate competition reform…with a little help from the Greens.

A consequence of the recent leadership spill, and subsequent change of Prime Minister, may be a shift in Australia’s competition policy. Following events in Canberra, the National Party renegotiated its coalition agreement with the Liberals and in doing so appear to have secured support to reform, or at least revisit, section 46 of the Competition… Read more

Dynamic SA food businesses shortlisted in SA Food Awards

At Kain C+C Lawyers, our aim is to work with dynamic businesses. Throughout the course of our work, we are privileged to learn about our clients’ businesses and share our knowledge of the industries within which they operate. One such industry is the food industry, which in South Australia is thriving. So of course we were delighted to discover… Read more

Kain C+C hits $0.50 billion milestone

Kain advises on deals worth more than $0.50b in nine months to September 2015. Major transactions included SeaLink $125m, Blue Sky Private Equity, Accolade Wines $46m. Kain also advised management of SwisseWellnesss during $1.6b sale to Biostime. Increased deal activity is driving the success of local businesses including Ahrens Group, KWP!, Ferguson Australia, B.D Farm… Read more