Mark Henderson


Mark has degrees in maths and computer science as well as law and has practical experience in the IT industry, all of which adds up to a lawyer who looks at your transaction from a different perspective.

Mark is an experienced property and commercial lawyer with 15 years’ experience advising clients on their business and contractual arrangements, both in Australia and in the United Kingdom, where he spent three years working at a top 40 law firm.

Mark advises clients on all aspects of their property dealings including acquisition, disposal, development, leasing or due diligence. Whenever dealing with clients, Mark works with them to achieve the best commercial outcome for their business.

When advising clients on their business operations, Mark brings a pragmatic approach to cut through the legalese and deal with the issues that matter.

With his background in IT, Mark is able to bring practical knowledge to his legal advice to clients in the technology area, including commercial arrangements for software development, licensing and implementation.

Mark has advised water industry participants in South Australia for over ten years. He has advised on the spread of purple pipe and the installation of pipeworks for stormwater and wastewater recycling and reticulation systems as well as supply and service contracts throughout the industry. He advised clients on, and made submissions to the government about, the Water Industry Act so he can help you understand your rights and obligations.

Mark is listed as a recommended Property & Real Estate lawyer in the 2017 edition of Doyle’s Guide.