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Time vs Priority

As part of our commitment to ‘doing law differently’, around 12 months ago we embarked on a journey with Leading Teams to ensure that we understood how our culture helped us create opportunities for our clients, team and the community.  Dan Healy, who facilitated these sessions for us, helped us recognise that we bring our… Read more

The High Growth CEO

Successful growth CEO’s are able to communicate the company’s mission, vision, and values, translate strategy into specific actions, make decisions, and then communicate priorities and progress. In her latest blog, growth expert and head of UniSA’s Centre for Business Growth Dr Jana Matthews explains how the best leaders drive high performance and growth.

ACCC’s bite leaves a bitter taste for traders of fruit and vegetables

Growers and traders of fruit and vegetables beware! The ACCC has, surprisingly for some, made enforcement of the Horticulture Code of Conduct (‘Code’) a priority for 2016 and beyond and has recently caught its first victim. So what do you need to know? The Code The Code regulates trade between growers and traders of fruit… Read more

Unacceptable frustration? The difficulties in defending a hostile takeover under the Takeovers Panel’s frustrating action policy

For the board of an ASX-listed company, receiving a hostile takeover bid for the company is a game-changer. Once a takeover bid is received or announced the target company enters the restrictive world of the Takeovers Panel’s ‘Frustrating Action’ policy and the board’s freedom to pursue strategic transactions is curtailed. What is a frustrating action?… Read more

Ignorance is not bliss – why you should take the PPSA seriously

It is staggering how many businesses do not understand the Personal Property Securities Act, better known as the PPSA, after it has been in place for nearly five years. Here’s the thing – the PPSA is a game changer and businesses that continue to ignore it do so at their peril. Any business that sells… Read more

It takes a community to raise a start up

­ Over the last few years, Australia has become better at encouraging people to “give it a go” and start a new business. But we still have a long way to go to provide the support they need to become a high-growth company: knowledge, mentoring, access to money, markets and customers. And we’re totally missing a big… Read more

Reflecting on an incredible experience

It has been almost 3 weeks since I returned to Michigan from Adelaide, Australia. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the experience that came and went so quickly. I had spent months counting down the days to the arriving in Australia and it is hard to believe that is has come and… Read more