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Pay up or we’ll wind you up – issuing a statutory demand

You may have cause to issue one, or you might be on the receiving end. This brief article by Justin Courtney gives an introduction to the ins and outs of statutory demands. What is a stat demand? A statutory demand is a device provided for in the Corporations Act which allows a creditor to demand payment… Read more

Kain C+C: The Spring Gully Story

Hear how Kain C+C’s lawyers Tim Hall and Justin Courtney worked with Spring Gully and its other advisors to devise a strategy to save the iconic brand from foreclosure.

Law in the new age of competition

John Kain threw his hat in the ring regarding the future of law firms at the Managing Partners Forum – Boutique and Small Firms, held in Noosa Qld 8-9 August 2013. In his presentation, Law in the new age of competition, Kain spoke to the 50-odd attendees about ‘the brave new world’ law firms will… Read more

Insolvency: How to avoid it

If profit is the reward for risk then insolvency is the price paid for risk.  As risk remains a constant in any business setting, so it follows that insolvencies are inevitable in any economy, either healthy or unhealthy. How insolvency affects the directors of a company today In today’s reality, once a company becomes insolvent… Read more