Kain X in Africa

Kain Lawyers exists to create opportunities for our clients, our team and our community. For our team we create opportunities to grown not just professionally but personally through our hands-on community work and our KainX (Kain Experience) program.

A KainX (or Kain Experience) can be a physical or mental challenge.  It can be learning to overcome a fear or phobia.  It can involve an individual, or a team whose goal it is to support an individual to successfully complete their KainX.

A Kain X must meet four criteria:

  1.  It must take you out of your comfort zone
  2.  You must learn something about yourself
  3.  It must be something that you would not otherwise do yourself (without the support of Kain)
  4.  It is something of which you can be proud.

These experiences help us understand our potential in every aspect of our lives.  By better understanding our potential we can often achieve more than we give ourselves credit for, if we are prepared to challenge ourselves and be ambitious.

Most recently lawyer Megan Lowe has been awarded a KainX to take part in the Put Foot Rally, spanning 6 countries, 8000kms and 6 checkpoints, where Meg will deliver shoes to African schools in need. Congrats Meg, we can’t wait to follow your (mis)adventures!