Best Lawyers 2019

James Burchnall PREFERRED casson.0860.BW.FINALCongratulations to Director James Burchnall, who was today named as Best Lawyers ‘M&A Lawyer of the Year’. The announcement has capped of a stellar year for the Kain Director team with recognition as a national top 5 M&A firm by Thomson Reuters and a nod by Doyle’s Guide to best lawyers earlier in the year.

Congratulations to James and the entire Kain team.

See below for the full list of our team in Best Lawyers.

Kain Lawyers Best Lawyers in Australia full list:

Agriculture & Rural Affairs: Tim Hall
Commercial Law: Gerry Cawson & John Kain
Corporate Law: Gerry Cawson; Sarah Chia; Michael Garry; Tim Hall; John Kain
Corporate/Governance Practice: Gerry Cawson
Equity Capital Markets Law: James Burchnall;
Leveraged Buyouts: Gerry Cawson
Mergers and Acquisitions Law: James Burchnall; Gerry Cawson; Michael Garry; John Kain
Planning and Environmental Law: Tim Hall
Private Equity Law: Gerry Cawson; John Kain
Trusts and Estates: Tim Hall
Venture Capital Law: Gerry Cawson; John Kain
Water Law: John Kain
Wealth Management / Succession Planning Practice: Tim Hall